U.A.E.: Events In Virtual Reality

Autumn has been a busy season for the eXtramile team!

The spread of the coronavirus did not deter the success of our local experts, eXtramile, a dmc and events management company based in Dubai.

Using eXtramile’s virtual platform, clients were able to connect from different countries and regions, engaging in full days of meetings mimicking real life events. Groups were split across different breakouts, able to share files, interact, speak to each other as if in a live event.


It was not only business: the team had its fair share of fun as well, as virtual team-building activities were also included. Delegates were grouped into teams to complete challenges namely Escape Rooms or building a structure.

Through using eXtramile virtual platforms , our clients were able to connect from different countries, engage in full day conferences & meetings mimicking real life events where they were split across different sessions or attended networking events.

Guests were able to share files, talk in real time to each other , watch live streaming for the speakers and attended panel discussions.

It was not only business. We had our share of fun as well as we have also integrated virtual team-building activities where the delegates were split into teams to overcome various challenges and also arranged parties and awards ceremonies, where guests enjoyed the entertainment and danced.

In November, events were attended by senior positions in World Bank, Deutsche Bank, KPMG, Novo Nordisk, Servier, Novartis, Baillie Gifford, Moody’s, Oxford University, universities of Glasgow, Miami & Columbia and many more.

If you are a multinational corporation and would like to organise a groundbreaking event in today’s world, get in touch with us: info@gda-mice.com.


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