Global Pop Art Museum in Tallinn – PoCo

Global Pop Art Museum in Tallinn – PoCo


PoCo opens its doors in Tallinn presenting global pop-art and Estonian contemporary art. The exhibition includes Warhol, Banksy, Koons, Lichtenstein, Haring, Hirst, Hockney, Basquiat, Kusama, Newton and other big names.

Museum is conveniently located in the heart of Tallinn, Rotermanni district. It’s right near the Old Town, a short walking distance from the Tallinn Harbour, and surrounded by great dining and shopping options.

Pop-art is a symbiosis of irony, social critique and mind games. Pop-art never ends, as politicians and societal pressures constantly create new opportunities for protest, irony and just plain fun. PoCo offers pop-art classics but always surprises with something new.

The museum is largely based on Linnar Viigi’s personal collection of pop art, which is constantly supplemented by other private collections.

Events can also be organized in the PoCo premises. The rooms can accommodate 50 people in a theater style, 100 people for a stand-up reception.

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