Our DMC Partners’ Triumphs Rewarded

Our DMC Partner’s Triumphs Rewarded

At GDA we are proud to work with the most talented and innovative DMC partners in the tourism industry. Their dedication and expertise in delivering exceptional experiences is recognised through a series of prestigious awards and recognition.

Here’s an overview of the awards and certifications recently garnered by some of our partners:

Ophelix Scandinavia

  • Award : Sweden’s Leading Destination Management Company 2024
  • Norway’s Best MICE Organiser 2023
  • Norway’s Leading Destination Management Company since 2022


Signature DMC

  • Award : Latin America’s Best MICE Organiser in 2023


KTI Voyages 

  •  Award : 2023 Travel Agency Global Winner



  • Certification: ISO 45001 for health and safety


Essence of Bali

  • Award: Bali’s Leading Destination Management Company since 2019


Impressive Tunisia

  • Award:  Best MICE Organiser in Tunisia 2023
  • Certifications: ISO 9001 for quality management systems (2023-2026) and ISO 20121 for event sustainability management systems (2022-2025)


Rixer International DMC

  • Certification:  Recognition of Quality Environmental Management


Mice Cuba

  • Award: Best MICE Organiser in Cuba in 2023


We extend our warmest congratulations to all our partners for these remarkable achievements. Their awards and certifications are a testament to their commitment to excellence, quality, and sustainability, values that we share and continue to promote in all our collaborations.

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