Netherlands: Let’s explore again!


We are pleased to share that the romantic land of tulips and windmills is opening up for business.

Not only are we allowed to travel and explore again, even our cities and beaches are open now. On June 1st at 12 PM, every restaurant, café, bar and museum in the Netherlands was allowed to open its doors to the public, after two full months in lockdown.

In Amsterdam and Haarlem, two beautiful old cities, the canal cruises are sailing. Big museums like ‘The Anne Frank House’ and ‘Rijksmuseum’ in Amsterdam, have special programmes, so that every visitor can go through the museum safely and still have a great experience. These are some of the best experiences you can get while being in The Netherlands.


Learn about our culture and see the best highlights our cities have to offer, and all that from our magnificent canals. You can also have a meeting or small gathering on a canal cruise, with drinks and lunch or dinner included. Restaurants have also taken precautions for their guests, so that every can enjoy their breakfast, lunch or dinner in a reliable way.

If you want to spend your day away from the bustling cities, in calm and inspiring surroundings, the beach is the perfect place for you. Beach restaurants have prepared themselves for bigger groups and have taken all the precautions, so that companies can have meetings in a beautiful surrounding or enjoy dinner while watching the sunset. We would be very pleased to welcome you with open arms in our amazing country.

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