Have a foodie adventure in Iceland

Have a foodie adventure in Iceland


Iceland’s national parks and natural hot springs (not limited to the famous Blue Lagoon) never fail to attract visitors to this beautiful country. That’s not to mention Iceland’s black sand beaches and numerous Northern Lights viewing spots attract adventurers looking for a unique experience.

This country is famous for all of these iconic attractions, but not well known for its culinary scene. In fact, the country has a reputation for being so expensive that most tourists just buy groceries and gas station hot dogs on their road trips through the country.

However, it is possible to find the best Icelandic food at reasonable prices in Reykjavík’s restaurants! Actually, if Britain is world famous for its “fish and chips”, Iceland can give it serious competition in this area. It is a real gastronomic adventure to discover Plokkfiskur, a traditional Icelandic fish stew, thick and creamy, perfect for warming up in cold weather!

Besides, the fish used in the Icelandic batter is Icelandic cod. The batter is crispy and thick, and the French fries are coarsely cut. The advantage of eating fish in Iceland is that the cod is locally sourced and therefore fresh!

You also must try Svið, a sheep’s head or Kjötsúpa, a delicious lamb soup prepared with pieces of raised sheep or lamb. It is worth noting that many dishes are prepared with pieces of free-range lamb and mutton. They also contain many root vegetables such as rutabagas, carrots and potatoes. Best of all, in Iceland the portions are hearty.

Although not technically a food, travelers will want to try this drink while in Iceland. Kókómjólk, an Icelandic chocolate milk made by Mjólkursamsalan. While there is nothing particularly unique or special about it, visitors to Iceland should try it as its quality and flavor are said to be superior to many brands of chocolate milk. Have a foodie adventure in Iceland !

Some extracts have been written by THE TRAVEL from journalist ROBYNNE TRUEMAN.

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