Sailing in Turkey

 Discover magnificent Turkish landscapes from a boat!

Are you a nature enthusiast with a love for boating, spending your time in awe of the world around you? If so, we’ve discovered the perfect destination for you – a place where history and culture seamlessly blend with sun and sea. Embark on a gulet cruise along the breathtaking Turkish Riviera, where the rich tapestry of Turkey’s past meets the tranquil beauty of its coastal landscapes.

This unique sailing experience allows you to explore some of the most captivating historical sites, charming villages, and towns along the Turkish coast. Immerse yourself in the fusion of old and new cultures, satisfying your curiosity to the fullest.

The unspoiled and sheltered coastline boasts secluded coves, inviting you to dive into the crystal-clear sea and dine under the stars in an atmosphere of unparalleled peace and relaxation.

Today’s gulet, a modern schooner or caique boat, beautifully marries traditional craftsmanship with the convenience of contemporary technology. Initially designed for fishing, these wooden vessels, ranging from 14 to 45 meters, are now meticulously hand-built based on architectural plans inspired by the classic gület design.

Once aboard, you can take a detour to the mother ship for a refreshing dive or anchor near Turkey’s quaint villages, offering charming restaurants and stores to explore.

The Turkish coastline beckons with heavenly beaches and pristine waters, boasting the second-highest number of Blue Flag beaches globally  a testament to its commitment to clean seas and shores.

Embark on this enchanting boat tour to witness some of Turkey’s most incredible places and landscapes, creating lasting memories of a journey filled with natural wonders and cultural treasures.

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