Slovenia: Culinary Destination 2021

International director of the world-renowned Michelin guides says that Slovenia has a “fine score to play in the concert of the world’s top gastronomic destinations.”

Slovenia invites you to walk through its charming towns and indulge in its unique culinary experiences. Take your place at a table laden with the gifts of nature, prepared by Slovenia’s finest chefs.

We take pride in our landscape and our heritage, where connection between people and nature in food production is about their dedication to tradition. Here, sourcing fresh ingredients from nearby fields and gardens is not a trend, but part of our tradition and orientation towards sustainable development.


A hike deep in the mysterious Karst, a walk through green forest or high up in the mighty mountains. Reconnect with inner nature while taking part in our unique inspiring workshops.

Whether it’s well-being for success, building resilience to stress or a path of discovering flow – what truly gives you wings.

And according to International Director of the Michelin guides Gwendal Poullennec, the guide “confirms that Slovenia has a fine score to play in the concert of the world’s top gastronomic destinations.”

Enjoy a mouthful of gastronomic exploration. Wherever you try authentic Slovenian cuisine, you can be sure it comes straight from nature.

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