Portugal: Rentrée in Lisbon

We’re excited to travel again!

Summer is saying goodbye and we need new energy to welcome a new beginning during these times.

Thinking about fresh air activities, and discovering small hidden secrets near Lisbon, Inside Tours DMC created a new activity in Sintra: Photo Challenge Monserrate.

One of the most iconic and magical 19th century palaces in the capital of romanticism, surrounded by the most lush and exotic gardens you can imagine, the mystery of this place filled with symbology, will turn this team-building game into a unique experience. A mix between adventure and creativity!


In this challenge, the teams will embark on a trip around the world without leaving Monserrate Palace. They will have to follow the map, take pictures, answer some challenges, taste traditional cakes, discover the history of this mysterious place and of those who lived here, while developing skills in teamwork, time management, communication, creativity and leadership.

Are you up for it? RFP: info@gda-mice.com

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