Bulgaria: Borovets Mountain Resort

Visit Hotel Rila in the heart of Borovets mountain resort, just 1 hour drive by car from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria

The Rila Hotel is an ideal holiday choice for groups and niche interests throughout any season of the year. The opportunities for fun, adventure and entertainment are endless, including sports and wellness, restaurants and nightlife, sightseeing tours and cultural excursions. The resort offers excellent opportunities for winter and summer sports or other outdoor and indoor activities:

Ski Touring

Ski touring is a unique experience that allows you to discover the untouched terrains beyond the ski zone! Why not climb and ride down from the highest peak on the Balkans? Try out the ski touring adventures with a professional guide in the alpine zone of the beautiful Rila mountain. There area variety of ski touring routes with 4 different levels of difficulty, which will be adapted to your experience and ability, as well as to the current snow and weather conditions.

Summer Climbing

Borovets climbing & mountaineering is one of the newest summer outdoor activities in Borovets resort. Our DMC partner is glad to inform you that the resort is offering rock climbing activities and alpinism, variety of touristic programs, technical traverses, via ferratas and more. We invite you to experience this incredible feeling to approach the unknown and rediscover yourself in the boundless world of the rock climbing & mountaineering.


“Fun in the kitchen”

A game suitable for food lovers who are ready to take out of the box challenges with their friends. The participants are divided into teams of 5 to 10 persons. Firstly, each team needs to complete several culinary-themed tasks, each task earns points. The more points you earn the more advantage in choosing products and cooking Appliances you have. The points are used for accomplishing the final task- Preparing a delicious three set menu. A jury assesses the plates and the dishes of the presentation and taste.

This info is brought to you by our DMC partner and local expert in Bulgaria Mercury-97

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