Chocolate-making in Hungary

Chocolate making is a perfect team-building activity throughout the year; but the festive season in Hungary even has a unique surprise in store for you!

This time of the year you will have the chance to become acquainted with how Hungary’s beloved and seasonal Christmas Fondant „Szaloncukor” is made.

Today, “szaloncukor” is unmissable when it comes to Hungarian Christmas traditions. It is one of the main decorations on the Christmas trees. Nobody knows for sure how the special tradition started, but one thing is sure, it wasn’t until the late 19th century, when the wealthier Hungarian noble families had nice parlours to put up a Christmas tree in and decorate it with walnuts, nuts, gingerbread cookies and parlour candy.

It comes in dozens of flavours; made of fondant, then covered by a thin chocolate layer and then wrapped into a nice, Christmassy paper or wrapping sheet with a special shape.

Hungary-gda-global-dmc-alliance-chocolate-making-2In the Chocolate School you will have the opportunity to prepare artisan Christmas fondant or chocolate with guidance from a professional Chocolate Master.

The Chocolate Master gives a short presentation on the workshop, the tools and the “tricks” and then it all begins… moulding, tempering, preparing and filling the cream.

Of course participants can taste and take home some of the finished chocolate in a little box making it a great Christmas gift!

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