Āgenskalna Tirgus Market – Modern and Bustling

Visit the Āgenskalna Tirgus Market in Riga… More than just a market, it serves as a heart of Agenskalna neighborhood! A charming area with historical wooden architecture and green parks.

Recent renovations have made the historical building not just a spot for picking up fresh, local produce, but a place of exploration and gastronomical degustations.

On the first floor of the renewed pavilion, it is possible to buy local products from farmers, home producers and traders.  At Āgenskalna Tirgus Market, you will be able to taste local beer, buy fresh dairy products and fresh bread and taste best coffee.
On the second floor are located bars and cafes, this space can be also privatized for special events. The Āgenskalna Tirgus Market – Modern and Bustling, is an inclusive, versatile and environmentally friendly public space where cultural, educational and various other events take place in collaboration with neighbourhood citizens and organizations. Educational events about healthy lifestyle and environmental awareness, art festivals, concerts and theatrical performances are held there.


By renovating market pavilion, its historical character has been restored. The market pavilion’s red brick on the facade, openwork metal structures and the ambitious composition of the layout with wide galleries in the interior have special architectural values. After restoration, the interior of the new Agenskalna Tirgus market in Riga regained its original majesty.

Overall, if you’re looking for an authentic local experience and want to try some traditional Latvian foods and shop for fresh produce and souvenirs, the Āgenskalna Tirgus Martket – Modern and Bustling, is definitely worth a visit!






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