Morocco: Oujda-Saïdia, splendor of the Mediterranean

Nature meets culture in Oujda-Saidia, Morocco

Saidia shows you the part of Morocco where the protected Mediterranean laps the shore with warm, blue waters, where families and friends gather. But if you get an urge for urban explorations, head to Oujda and delight in its architectural heritage and unspoiled medina.

Nearly nine miles of white, sandy beaches run along the sea under a generous sun that shines throughout the year: Saidia, a quintessential Northern Moroccan beach town, is a little slice of heaven. Water sports and golf are just some of the many activities at your fingertips on or near the sea. In the evening, head to the marina to sample the region’s famous dishes.

If you travel 37 miles inland from Saidia, you can explore the long, rich history of Oujda. Historical vestiges have pride of place here: the medina and its monumental doors; Sebti Palace, a cultural capital; and, a bit further afoot, LallaAicha Park, a cool haven in the heart of the city.

Oujda-Saidia, offers all this and more to satisfy mental and physical pursuits. You are guaranteed to have a great time!


City Tours: Relaxation and exploration

Saïdia and Oujda are two places that complement each other perfectly. Saïdia, the blue pearl of Morocco, welcomes you to its cutting-edge hotels that are as comfortable as they are environmentally friendly.

Oujda, meanwhile, has a different feel altogether. Going to this inland city removed from the Mediterranean and pacing along streets with a thousand years of historyis like entering an ancient town. Get a glimpse of “Old Morocco” in the medina, a neighborhood ringed by high walls that seems to have been forgotten by time.

Oujda is not, however, a dusty museum mired in the vestiges of its bygone glory. It is a modern city that embraces the new, as evidenced by the Palais Sebti, the cultural hub of Oujda. This venue hosts receptions, exhibitions and all kinds of events celebrating music, painting and the arts in general.

While Saïdia can flaunt its Mediterranean delights, Oujda has no cause for jealousy, for it has all the historical treasures

Saidia is rife with activities

Saïdia’s beaches are an invitation to relaxation, but they are also playgrounds where active visitors can wear themselves out and push their limits. The beaches here have everything you need to enjoy a wide range of activities. Of course, water sports reign here, with exhilarating options like windsurfing, kite-surfing and water skiing.

The town’s marina is also a hive of activity: you can moor your boat here or rent a vessel and go on a Mediterranean fishing adventure. Surf casting is popular in the area… imagine standing on the shore, rod in hand, and casting your line in anticipation of a big catch.

Golf lovers will get a kick out of the Saïdia course. Hole after hole, your technique will improve as you avoid bunkers and streams on your way to the final green. This verdant course is appropriate for everyone – infact, it is a good place for beginners to learn the sport, but there are also a few challenges for accomplished golfers.

Saïdia loves its sports, so head to this resort town and plan your most active vacation yet.

Calm and well-being: Nature in all its forms

To the north of Saïdia lie the waters of the Mediterranean, while Oujda awaits further inland and to the south. Between the land and the sea, these two cities boast a variety of landscapes and put adventure within your reach.

Mother Nature has spoiled the area around Saïdia with fabulous scenery. Outfitters can arrange excursions that give you an up-close look at these masterpieces. Cape Ras-El-Ma juts into the sea a few miles from the city, where the coastline is jagged with cliffs that bottom out into a splendid white sand beach. Thrill seekers will climb to the top of the promontory to survey the panoramic view over dunes scattered with eucalyptus trees. Nature lovers who find themselves in Saïdia would be remiss if they did not make the trip to see the mouth of the Moulouya River. The protected site is full of all kinds of plants and frolicking birds.

There are plenty of possibilities – and certainly enough to ensure you won’t be bored for a second during your time in Oujda-Saïdia

Endless sand as far as the eye can see

With endless white sand beaches and water on the horizon, Saïdia is the pearl of the Mediterranean. Everything about this seaside resort town is designed to encourage relaxation and well-being. Come for a few days and forget your everyday worries. Escape from it all at cutting-edge hotels that feature every amenity while embracing the spirit of sustainable development.

And, most importantly, there are the heavenly beaches that stretch as far as the eye can see: nearly nine miles of fine sand that beckon with promises of rest, guilt-free idleness and pleasure. Relax on a lounge chair in the shade of an umbrella and let the sounds of the rolling waves soothe you as you gaze upon the magnificent landscape.

Resting on these beaches is a delight, but you can have fun here too. The modern facilities were created with tourists in mind so you can take part in an array of activities, such as windsurfing, kite-surfing, diving and water skiing. Whether you come with friends or family, you will have a ball in these safe, warm and calm waters.

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