About Events’ mission is to provide an outstanding event experience through creative ideas, innovative projects, flexible operations and its international mindset. All projects are the result of a decade’s experience in the tourism industry around the world and a strong network in and around Spain. Clients can expect a structured approach and fast response times to meet the needs of international business.

Alex Vourvoulias
General Manager at About Events

English, French, Spanish, Greek, Catalan, Italian

Why Spain


Spain offers a wide variety of destinations for your events. Each region has a modern infrastructure and unique culture. This destination is renowned for being one of world’s top destinations for congresses and meetings. According to ICCA, Spain ranks third as the country with the highest number of international events. Good location and communications, attractive climate and gastronomy, historic features and tourism infrastructures may explain these great results. Let About Events guide you!


Key areas: Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Sevilla, Valencia, Basque country and Balearic and Canary islands


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