Baltic Events & Tours is a full-service DMC providing conference, event-management in the Baltic region. Liga and the team ensure outstanding service, reliability and competitive rates. With their profound knowledge and experience working in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, the team is more than equipped to exceed your expectations! Let us know your wishes and we will arrange an excellent program for your event or tour.

We ensure outstanding service, reliability and competitive rates, providing to our clients one-stop shopping, comprehensive and innovative ideas for programs as well as personal professional assistance on spot. We value our clients’ needs as they were our own! Let us know your wishes and we will arrange an excellent program for your event or tour.


Liga Gajevska
Baltic Event & Tours DMC

Why Baltics

These three dynamic countries are new destinations in Europe located in the crossroads of east and west. The Baltics offer a vibrant history, rich culture and traditions as well as a preserved and unique natural world. The up-to-date facilities and high-level MICE services come at affordable rates. And all this makes the Baltics attractive, for any kind of traveller!


Estonia is famous for its charming capital. Tallinn is the medieval pearl of northern Europe, with its well preserved 800 year Old Town. It offers enchanting atmosphere, rich cultural scene, beautiful surroundings and plenty of galleries, cafes and restaurants to choose from.


Latvia is the middle state of the Baltic’s with its capital jewel Riga. It is a cultural centre, a dynamic and multicultural city, famous for its medieval Old Town, impressive Jugendstile (Art Nouveau) buildings and vivid night-life.


Lithuania is the largest and southern-most Baltic state, sharing a lot in common with its neighbour, Latvia. In Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and Baroque capital of the Baltics, you will discover one of the largest and most beautiful Old Towns in Central and Eastern Europe with charming narrow cobbled streets and hidden courtyards. Besides the vibrant capital cities, the countryside boasts its own historical towns and unique sites included in UNESCO World Heritage list, kilometre long white sand beaches, nature reservoirs and rich wildlife.

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