MICE Cuba is a highly experienced, dynamic and creative DMC, providing the most comprehensive portfolio of services. It is the only MICE specialist DMC with a full wholly owned office in Europe, as well as the head office in Cuba. It offers unsurpassed access to the rapidly emerging, creative and well-organised private sector service industry in Cuba, namely boutique hotels, restaurants, outdoor catering, designers, venue builders, entertainers, etc.


Matthew O’Sullivan
Director at MICE Cuba

English, Spanish, French, Russian

Why Cuba


Mention the word Cuba and there is always quite a reaction! Fidel Castro, Old American cars, Che Guevara, Salsa, Cigars, Rum, Missile Crisis and the US Embargo, Baseball, beautiful beaches, Socialism and endless history. With hundreds of miles of golden sandy beaches, richly colourful and varied scenery, a proud cultural heritage and the most friendly and welcoming locals.


This stunningly beautiful and exceptionally diverse Caribbean island has been enticing visitors since Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492. Cuba is a melting pot of different experiences, its Caribbean of course, but is also so very Latin American in style! Experience a few days that cannot be matched anywhere else in the world and clients will never forget their time in Cuba, it will certainly be inspirational.


Visit historical cities, climb mountains, meet with warm and friendly locals, smoke fine cigars and drink the best cocktails in the world, cruise around in old Buicks and Chevvies and recreate the heady days of 1950s Havana, eat in fantastic secret and hidden away restaurants, watch world-class ballet, dance the night away to amazing live Salsa, bike through stunning scenery, sail to desert islands, zip wire through the trees, and much more!



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