MVS Travel knows the way to foster enthusiasm through a signature travel experience. It is an innovative company with deep local knowledge of Colombia and specialises in designing unique programs that surpass your expectations. The team coordinates until the slightest detail of the event, providing support during and after the execution of the program. With MVS Travel’s dedication, we are convinced your experiences in Colombia will last forever!

What we do differently:

  • Better rates
  • Agreements and providers
  • Site inspections and follow ups
  • Guarantee and support

Maria Villegas
Commercial Director
MVS Travel

English, Spanish

Why Colombia


Colombia is a country of incomparable beauty. A variety of tropical climates, from deserts to rainforest, with a rich fauna and a plethora of beautiful flowers. Its humble people are hospitable and always eager to help with a smile on their faces. It’s no wonder Colombia is known to be one of the happiest countries of the world!

Key regions: Bogota, Cartagena, Coffee Region



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