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Since 2002 Pangea Travel is one of the leading upmarket inbound agencies/DMC’s in China.

Quality combined with creativity and originality is how we are. Covid hurted the Chinese market very hard, also us. But we used the 3 years of closed borders and a lot of restrictions to prepare for the future and to strengthen our team. We never were better prepared as now. The best proof are our last bookings! Traditionally our clients come from the USA and Europe but since the borders reopened in May we were very successful also in Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Services provided:

  • Accommodation management
  • Transportation
  • Food & beverage management
  • Event production
  • Transportation logistics
  • On site meeting management
  • Travel services
  • Team building events
  • Entertainment and speaker bookings
  • Communication services
  • Budget management

 Olivier Sieuw & Huiping Hou
Managing Owners
Pangea Travel

Dutch, French, English & Mandarin

Why China


Overflowing with raw beauty, China is a wonderfully mysterious and enticing destination. Home to the giant pandas, Yellow Mountains, Li River and the world’s longest wall – the iconic Great Wall of China – this booming country is unlike any other. In the last decade, the world’s fastest growing economy has steadily made the transition from an export-oriented economy to a service provider and destination for high-level MICE events.

The opportunities for international companies have never been greater than now, and the situation will only grow more favourable as China’s economy matures. The demand for international-standards in business travel and services has always been there, but now that demand is being pushed from within, from expanding and growing domestic firms eager to experience, offer, and share in the very best.

The country’s major cities are fully capable of hosting the very best in business travel – every major luxury hotel chain in the world is expanding across China and this expansion will continue into the next decade.

China with it’s more than 5000 thousand years of culture is still an enigma. Zhong Guo, the Empire of the Middle, is a country of contrasts. Ying and Yang. Hyper modern cities contrast with ethnic minorities who seem to just enter the metal age. Its geography is extremely diverse: from the highest point on earth to the second deepest one. From temperatures from the border of Siberia to tropical heat and humidity.

China has it all.

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