Award-winning DMC Motivate China offers unparalleled MICE services for both small and large groups. The team’s mission is to act as a bridge between China and the world, presenting you with nothing but the best of its beautiful and diverse land.

Services provided:

  • Accommodation management
  • Transportation
  • Meet and greet, trip director services
  • Food & beverage management
  • Event production
  • Transportation logistics
  • On site meeting management
  • Travel services including recreational & spousal programs,e.g. city tours, excursions and extension stays
  • Team building events
  • Entertainment and speaker bookings
  • Communication services
  • Budget management
  • Post-meeting evaluation

Barbara Wang
General Manager
Motivate China

English & Chinese

Why China


Overflowing with raw beauty, China is a wonderfully mysterious and enticing destination. Home to the giant pandas, Yellow Mountains, Li River and the world’s longest wall – the iconic Great Wall of China – this booming country is unlike any other. In the last decade, the world’s fastest growing economy has steadily made the transition from an export-oriented economy to a service provider and destination for high-level MICE events.


The country’s major cities are fully capable of hosting the very best in business travel – every major luxury hotel chain in the world is expanding across China and this expansion will continue into the next decade. Places like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou are being joined by emerging hubs like Sanya, Xian, Chengdu and Kunming in the capacity for world-class business travel services.


The opportunities for international companies have never been greater than now, and the situation will only grow more favorable as China’s economy matures. The demand for international-standards in business travel and services has always been there, but now that demand is being pushed from within, from expanding and growing domestic firms eager to experience, offer, and share in the very best.



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