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• We are an Incoming DMC in South America; our business is attracting clients and groups to S.A. destinations.
• Full service and registered tour operator in Chile dedicated to ensuring 100% client satisfaction by providing impeccable service. Luxury travel company.
• We offer a wide selection of experiences for individuals and groups. Taylor-made travel services, meetings & incentives, conference organizer and corporate events. We develop out-of-the-box programs and trips using high quality standards, operating excellence, and creativity.

Services provided

  • Group Travel
  • Destination Management
  • Incentives programs
  • Team-building
  • Travel management, planning and logistics
  • Conference Organization
  • Corporate Event
  • Business and luxury travel
  • Event Management
  • Meetings

Eduardo Tuite

English, Spanish

Why Chile

We are destination specialists. Ambassadors of Chile and South America. Chile has desert, lakes, glacier and well know Patagonia and also Easter island. Chile has all in one place.

Chile is a captivating destination for a multitude of reasons. Its diverse landscapes, ranging from the arid deserts of the north like Atacama Desert to the spectacular glaciers of Patagonia in the south, offer a breathtaking array of natural wonders. The country boasts preserved natural reserves and remarkable national parks such as Torres del Paine, providing endless opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts, including hiking, trekking, and stargazing.

Rich in history and culture, Chile offers a blend of indigenous, European, and other influences reflected in its museums, historical landmarks, and unique cuisine. The country’s wine production, particularly in central regions like the Casablanca Valley and Maipo Valley, is renowned for its quality. Chilean gastronomy offers a diverse range of delicious dishes to discover.

Adventure seekers will find Chile an ideal destination, with opportunities for surfing on northern beaches, skiing in the Andes, climbing, rafting, and much more. Santiago, the capital city, combines modernity with tradition, featuring historic neighborhoods, museums, vibrant restaurants, and nightlife. Valparaiso, with its colorful streets, artistic graffiti, and bohemian atmosphere, offers a unique experience.

The enigmatic Easter Island, situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is famous for its monumental stone statues called moai, remnants of an ancient and mysterious civilization. The Atacama Desert, one of the driest deserts globally, showcases lunar landscapes, geysers, lagoons, and salt flats. Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia is renowned for its towering granite peaks, majestic glaciers, and stunning hiking trails.

Whether it’s for its breathtaking natural scenery, rich culture, or thrilling outdoor adventures, Chile has something to offer every type of traveler.

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