Ciao Travel is a qualified boutique DMC,  offering bespoke and premium services that require first-hand knowledge, expertise and personal touch. Founded more than ten years ago, Ciao Travel has been organising numerous events, including very important ones with the participation of VIPs, such as Sri Lankan Prime Minister and Mrs Sushma Swaraj- External Affairs Minister of India.

Standing out of the crowd, Ciao Travel focuses on Concierge, MICE and tailor-made luxury holidays in Indochina (Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam), especially handcraft once-in-a-lifetime experiences for discerning travellers and stylish events. Unlike others, Ciao Travel offers unique and exclusive services and experience.

Nothing is small! Ciao Travel team takes great care to satisfy every single expectation, pay attention to personal service to create experiences that will need to talk about but not easy by words. It is something extraordinary, it is about a sense of detail, it is about work from heart and passion.


· Personalized Service: We pay attention to every single service to make per experience totally personalized.

· Private assistant during the trip (24/7 on call): The clients will be taken care of by a private assistant, who is assigned to assist the clients from moments they landing at the airport till get on plane fly back home.

· À-la-carte itinerary: In each destination, we will make recommendations a list of highlights activities for choosing as your preferences.

· Exclusive Concierge: We offer VIP, exclusive service that’s hardly to find somewhere.

· Creative, passionate and novel team: Working is burning with passion that turn every request of clients into an unique art-of-travelling.



• Tailor-made luxury holidays


• Concierge service

• Business Travel

• Cruise & Seashore Excursion

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Why Indochina


  • Vietnam: Astonishingly exotic and utterly compelling, Vietnam is an outstanding travel destination that leaves nothing to be desired – be it cultural heritage such as the traditional Vietnamese cuisine, exploring the turbulent history or scouting the country’s stunningly beautiful nature. In addition to its variety of natural and cultural attractions the country offers a wide range of international hotels with state-of-the-art conference and meeting rooms as well as a selection of facilities such as golf courses, relaxation activities, health and spa facilities and fine cuisine.
  • Laos: Once called “The land of million elephants”, Laos is the  country of august mountains, beautiful valleys, evergreen tropical rain forests that perfectly satisfy adventurers and  nature lovers. The country also known for its culture diversity and  rich tradition. Despite increased interest from the outside world, Laos still remains Asia’s undiscovered gem. The landlocked nation of a little over six million people exudes a delightful, almost other-worldly charm and reminds one of a simpler, easier time. The country moves at a pace as languid as the Mekong River that flows through it. Towns are less hectic than elsewhere in Asia and the countryside is a combination of beauty and tranquility and people  of Laos with their gentle nature willing to share their cultural authenticity and  recipe of and  for a peaceful life.
  • Cambodia – A small country with a big history knowing as Kingdom of World heritages but  Cambodia has more to explore than just Angkor. Visit the thriving capital city and its Silver Pagoda, Royal Palace, venture to the mountains of Ratanakiri on adventure trip or relax on powdered white sand beach in the south of Cambodia are all excellent experiences. Cambodia remained hidden from the outside world for much of the last century. Now emerging from years of isolation, the country offers a true taste of Southeast Asia before the arrival of mass tourism and rampant modernization.
  • Thailand  – The country of smile. Thailand is the place of unforgettable experiences with colourful cities and stunning country. Being one of the most popular tourist destination in Asia, Thailand has  something for everyone. From captivating capital city Bangkok to colorful mountains north or white sandy beach and  islands in the south, it is easier than ever to find something that can fit your taste.


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