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Contact: Pedro Costa

Director at Inside Tours

Welcome to Inside Tours
Our dmc partner in Portugal

Who Are We?

We have been working in corporate events for more than 10 years. We specialize in the production of events mainly directed to the reception of groups in Portugal.

Our Vision

To give our clients creative and quality solutions during their stay in Portugal by taking care of every detail with passion and care through the entire process. Well aware of your needs, we can propose programs and activities tailored to your image. Whatever your ambitions and budget are, our dedicated team of professional event managers will provide you with a truly personal service, adding substantial value to each event.

Our Team

Guides, Event Organizers, Insiders and Enthusiasts! A dedicated team of local experts with different backgrounds and experiences, committed to exceed your expectations and provide you the event best suited to your wishes!

Why Work With Inside Lisbon

Dedicated team of experts with a great local knowledge

10 years of experience

Passion for what we do

Tailor made solutions


Value-added services provided

Our Services

Teambuilding Games

Guides and Local assistance

Restaurants & Venues Buy-out


Food and Wine Experiences

Corporate Dinners / Gala Dinners and Entertainment

Sightseeing Excursions

Sport and Nature Activities


Cultural Events



About Portugal

Portugal is the oldest nation state in Europe and is a fascinating combination of beautiful cities and age old traditions.

With an extraordinary range of different landscapes just a short distance away, here you can find plenty of leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage.

3000 hours of sunshine per year, 850 km of wonderful beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, a superb cuisine, high-quality wines, genuine hospitable people, excellent facilities available, and a broad range of hotels make this a perfect destination all year for your event or business meeting.

Lisbon & Porto have several facilities to host your business meetings or congress.

Lisbon, one of Portugal's most vibrant and beautiful cities, is situated on the right bank of the Tagus River and is known for its secular monuments, splendid light and belvederes, which enchant all visitors. The Portuguese capital has a multitude of special venues for corporate dinners and galas. We have a network of spectacular palaces, castles, museums, wine cellars, sailing boats and historical restaurants. Porto is famous for its wine, the amazing vineyard landscapes of the Douro River, its contemporary architecture and its historic centre, classified as world heritage by UNESCO, the perfect combination of tradition and modernity

From North to South, Portugal offers the unique venues you desire for your event.


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