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Contact: Anne Sophie Seghers

Director at Destination Panama

Welcome to Destination Panama
Our dmc partner in Panama

Our professional way brought us, after the Luxury hotel business, 15 years in the hotel chain business, 10 years in the Special event management,….. in Panama. Living in this country, we decided to create "Destination Panama". Essential for your journey on the spot. Custom-made services. "Destination Panama": proposes services adapted to your project. Discovery of the history, the culture, the customs and the life of Panama. Allying modernity and authenticity. A team compound of various skills to guarantee the realization of your stay.

Our commitment: the success of your journey. Our services, to plan, to organize, to be available, to propose the ideal stay according to your expectations, an offer on.


About Panama

Three million years ago, the Isthmus of Panama emerged from the sea and changed the world forever. It divided an ocean and joined two continents together, triggering one of the most important natural evolution events in the history of the world. Today, this narrow land bridge in Central America is home to more species of birds and trees than the whole of North America. We invite you to discover its beautiful landscapes, rich culture and endless tourist activities, right at your fingertips.

The country has the most powerful economy of Central America, thanks to Canal the project of which is for the French initiative and who has just ended works of expansion.

A dynamic Capital "Panama City".

Hotel infrastructures of quality and big capacity or charm, a Convention center Atlapa, and the new one, actualy bilt.

The sun all year, Pacific coat, sand beaches peaceful side, of diverse landscape, a protected nature and one of the countries most biodiversity, with a beautiful Rainforest just 30 minutes from Panama City. An International Airport Tocumen allowing a good air connectivity. Panama offers a political stability, good weather with no climate instability and a considerable safety nowadays.


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