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Contact: Maria Arsova

Managing Partner at Event Design

Welcome to Event Design
Our dmc partner in Bulgaria

Welcome to the world of professional services. EVENT DESIGN is a full service destination & event management company and professional conference organiser. Our diverse team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing superior service and unique experience. We believe in a personal approach, in-depth knowledge of the market and understanding of our clients' needs, enhanced by creativity, flexibility and efficiency.

Our mission states DETAILS CREATE EXCELLENCE, and we are proud to live by it.

EVENT DESIGN is your one-stop contact. We are an integral partner between planners and all related local service providers and a guarantee of uncompromising quality of customised services based on in-depth knowledge of Sofia and Bulgaria.


About Bulgaria

The rich historical and cultural background of Bulgaria, alongside with its/her impressive natural beauty - a sea with a 380 km long coastline of sandy beaches, 16 mountains with tempting rocky peaks, deep flush valleys and ice cold glacier lakes, over 1600 hot mineral springs, huge plateaus hiding thousands of thrilling caves inside, wide range of wildlife bring millions of tourists to the country every year.

The hospitality of the local population and the guaranteed tranquility are excellent prerequisites for a memorable stay in Bulgaria. The country offers facilities for cultural, eco - and rural tourism, seaside vacations, balneological treatments and spa programs, ski tourism, business and congress tourism.

Facts About Bulgaria

Bulgaria is one of the oldest European countries and is the only one that hasn't changed its name ever since it was founded. Bulgaria ranks 3rd in Europe (after Greece and Italy) for its number of archaeological treasures. Bulgaria has the oldest orthodox slavic church in the world. Bulgaria and Denmark were the only two countries to save their jews during the holocaust. Bulgaria in its modern history never lost a battle and never lost a flag, captured by its enemies' armies…. Bulgaria is known as the homeland of the yogurt (Lactus Bulgaricus). The first wrestler in the world with 1500 wins and only 2 losses is the Bulgarian Dan Kolov. The world's first digital watch was invented by the Bulgarian Peter Petrov. The oldest gold treasure in the world was found in Bulgaria (in 294 graves were found 3000 gold objects dating back more than 6000 years). Bulgarian rose-oil (Bulgaria produces half of the rose oil in the world), is a component of the world-famous perfumes. The hottest mineral water found in Bulgaria is with temperature 103.8 Cº. According to some sources, this is the hottest spring in Europe.


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