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Bright and Bustling – Welcome to Argentina!

If you are looking for a country that boasts beauty, good food and good people then we encourage you to pay a visit to Argentina, you won’t be disappointed! With its natural wonders, vibrant city life and extremely good food (think juicy steaks), Argentina is the perfect destination to host your next group travel experience, conference or team-building initiative.

This Is Where Our Argentinian DMC – Rubra, Steps In.

Rubra is a destination management company and you guessed it, they host events held in their magnificent homeland, Argentina. Rubra are proud ambassadors of their country and are group organizers that put every effort into making their visitor’s experience a memorable and effective one. As a DMC partner, they like to stretch the limits and have no problem in making each visit a unique experience, both business-wise and in your free time.

Rubra are excellent at putting together a balanced schedule that works, helping you obtain the results you have in mind – from arrival, booking you into your accommodation and then getting down to business (and pleasure too)! Their planning is done to the tee and is custom planned to the event or meetings you have in mind. Nothing intimidates this corporate events company - you are in capable and trusted hands here!

Group Events, Team-Building, Incentive Travel – That’s Rubra’s Game!

As previously mentioned, Rubra is well equipped to handle the intricate technicalities of your event and they have years and years of experience in organizing:

  • Meetings

  • Conferences

  • Business Excursions

  • Team-Building exercises

  • Incentive Travel

  • Group Excursions

To name but a few.

Are you ready to Tango, connect with great people and enjoy a country rich in culture?

Engage with Rubra to collaborate with them and plan your next event in colourful Argentina. Perhaps you need to plan your next conference, be it for congress or corporate bodies, or maybe you want to treat your employees to a fun team-building excursion – with Rubra at your beck-and-call, you don’t have to lift a finger, it all falls on their plate.

Did you know? Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is home to the most theatre rooms found in the world! So, if you are looking to enjoy some of the world’s finest productions, then this is just one reason why beautiful Argentina should host your next event.

GDA are proud partners of Rubra, our Argentinian DMC

You can contact Rubra directly on or find out a bit more about them here: 

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