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GLOBAL DMC ALLIANCE matured from an event agency network, set-up in 2006 that operated under the name of DMC4EU. The main objective was that of creating a group of top quality European DMC's that collaborate in order to enhance each member’s client portfolio; share leads and contacts; and exhibit together as a team in Europe's most important MICE shows.

DMC4EU grew organically and proved to be very fruitful towards its clients and members. Market forces proved that there was great potential in making this European specialist DMC network grow and offer its services on a global level.

Having kept the very same fundamentals and nine years of experience, GDA mice was formed in 2015; with the aim of providing to prospective clients a network of reliable, trustworthy, creative and professional DMCs in all the destinations it represents.

All network partners are small or medium size companies, each one of them specialists in their country of origin and offering the best solutions for the organization of events, congresses, conferences and incentive trips. The spirit of the network is young and dynamic with all partners sharing the same values of strong business ethics, liability, professionalism and sensitivity to market evolutions and clients’ needs. The aim is to make all logistical aspects of organizing an event as easy as possible by offering all-round assistance and a high level of expertise from the very start.

The MICE industry is largely based on personal contacts. This network guarantees our clients the opportunity of meeting reliable DMCs in various destinations, through an introduction by someone they already know and trust. 

Our DMC partners

Quality service is our top priority and for this reason we ensure that every DMC partner satisfies the network’s criteria before being able to join. All our partners share the same work ethics and our joint experience enables us to share business contacts and know-how. Prospective DMCs wishing to join the association would need to undergo a thorough process, to ensure that all partners are quality driven.

For a DMC wanting to join GDA's network they would need to meet the following criteria: 

- be in possession of a license to operate as a DMC/inbound agent
- be in possession of a 3rd party liability insurance cover, as required by local authorities
- have a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the field
- be a specialist in the events industry
- operate a small or medium sized office
- have a list of references from clients and suppliers

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